Breaking the Sound Barrier

Evolve Wellness Experience by Dr. Bill Jensen

Episode notes
In today’s world, finding time to be “mindful” can seem like a virtually impossible task. Nearly everything seems more important than “doing nothing.”However, the toll that the stress of everyday living can take on your body is considerable, even though you may be so used to it, you don’t feel it. You just know you are in a constant state of anxiety.Craig Goldberg, President of inHarmony Interactive, explains how he too used to struggle with any kind of meditation, but shares how he found a tool and new ways to hack the process of mindfulness.The key to getting into a daily practice for Craig was understanding what happens when we close our eyes to meditate: What’s happening in the mind and body, what does the science say? Why is it so powerful?Craig has a talent for making complex research super simple and easy to understand.Join us for this deep d ...   ...  Read more