Don't be a Dirty Girl

Evolve Wellness Experience by Dr. Bill Jensen

Episode notes
Let’s face it—at one time or another, we’re all a little dirty. In fact, given the prevalence of chronic conditions around the world, we’re all probably a lot dirtier than we’re willing to admit. Issues like joint pain, fatigue, hair loss, eczema and plain old smelly gas plague billions of people. Sure, we blame it on our age, we blame it on our upbringing, we even blame it on our parents. But the truth is that countless chronic illnesses develop and persist because of the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the environment around us every single day. Toxins are everywhere and washing your hands for 20 seconds or more is only going to solve part of the problem. On this episode we interview Dr. Wendie Trubow, MD, MBA, IFM who is passionate about helping women optimize their health and lives as a functional medicine gynecologist. Through her struggle ...   ...  Read more
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