those ugly scratches

Priuslarda keçən həyat by Gunay Rasulova

Episode notes

So I bought myself these glasses. Because I thought I only had one pair off my favorite Ray Ban glasses and I thought that might not be enough, because those are like sportish looking ones. So I needed kind of lady, feminine glasses as well. So, I was traveling, don't remember from where to where and it was that, you know, stand glasses stand in the airport, and I kin d of iked one of the glasses that I saw. Those were black Michael Kors glasses with kind of chainy looking ornament on the top. I liked them. I tried them on and I was like, well, that's a that's not a bad fit. “they look good on me” I said and so I got them. I think several months after I realized that they already got badly scratched. It made me very sad and upset and I was angry at myself that I didn't protect the glass and now I was annoyed and I couldn't wear them anymore as co ... 

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