Estate Frequencies: Tiong Bahru Episode 3

Estate Frequencies by Estate Frequencies

Episode notes

In this episode, we explore the origins of the sculpture at Seng Poh Garden, discover Singapore's oldest bomb shelter in a public housing block and consider the present and future of Tiong Bahru in a series of interviews with local residents.


(00:00-01:06) Intro

(01:06-03:31) Seng Poh Garden

(03:31-05:20) Moh Guan Terrace

(05:20-08:06) Air Raid Shelter

(08:06-11:12) Back Lanes (Poem)

(11:12-14:54) Kim Cheng Street Blocks

(14:54-18:19) Kim Pong Park

(18:19-22:24) Yong Siak Street

(22:24-25:51) Outro

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