*Special Episode* Celebrating World Patient Safety Day 2023: Healthcare is, above all else, a human interaction

ESAIC Podcast on Anaesthesia and Intensive Care by ESAIC

Episode notes

Jamie Thomas King is an experienced actor in film, television and stage and a devoted student of yoga and meditation for more than twenty years. After the preventable death of his second son, Benjamin, Jamie’s deep respect for self-care, spiritual guidance, and human connection propelled him into the world of patient safety advocacy and to share his family’s tragic story for the greater good of healthcare. Jamie regularly teaches our Patient Safety and Quality Masterclass and will be there for the next edition in Madrid on 9 – 11 October. He was also a patient advocate at the joint ESAIC/multi-society EU Summit on Patient Safety in 2020.

This podcast is part of our month-long focus on patient safety and follows the World Patient Safety Day theme:

“Elevate the voice of patients!”

"WHO calls on all stakeholders to take necessa ... 

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