Eclectically Eric!

by "Johnny" Eric Carson

I am an aspiring voice actor and narrator. I have a rich, deep voice and can do a wide range off accents and voices. I want to share my voice with everyone! I have had extensive training as an actor in high school and college. These are the thoughts and experiences I had up to date on the whole experience of acting, both for voice and the stage. I will also be sharing snippets from books, poetry and dramatic readings. All ki ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • New thoughts, tips and insights!

    New thoughts, tips and insights!

    This is my brand-new episode and will be sharing some tips and what to expect in my new podcasts coming with a whole new sound of voice, and fresh attitude! Enjoy.

  • Season 1

  • Hey, What's That Ringing?

    Hey, What's That Ringing?

    This is a show about tinnitus and how it affects people and also some notes on sound effects.

  • Technically Editing with Eric!

    Technically Editing with Eric!

    This is back to more of a technical side of podcasting for up and coming editors and performers. I discuss more of things to do and not to do while editing. Hope you like all of the content!

  • Podcast for Relaxing Poetry

    Podcast for Relaxing Poetry

    Some relaxing and soothing poetry for your quiet afternoon, or if you are stressed and need a few minutes to unwind, hope these help!

  • Epic Poetry Reading!!

    Epic Poetry Reading!!

    This is a reading of a true epic poem that I wrote and have wanted to share for many years! I am also sharing a new poem written by my dear sister, plus a few thoughts on poetry in general. Enjoy this episode, I certainly did!