Equine's and Ego's

by Jasmine Moody

This is a podcast for the horse. Whether it be raising awareness or improving knowledge on anatomy and psychology, this podcast separates fact versus fiction, doing the best we can to be advocates for these voiceless animals!

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Nurse Mare Foals and Last Chance Corral

    Nurse Mare Foals and Last Chance Corral

    Last Chance Corral is a seemingly innocent rescue organization dedicated to saving nurse mare foals, aka "throwaway" horses. LCC calls for the use of Artificial Insemination instead of live cover in order to eliminate the need for a nurse mare to provide nutrition to a foal. LCC spreads the dangerous ideology that nurse mares only exist in the thoroughbred industry, and using A.I will eliminate them. Unfortunately, LCC is NOT giving people the whole truth about NM's, including the fact that they buy the foals. How can we actually help these foals?

  • The Truth About Nosebands

    The Truth About Nosebands

    How tight do you apply your noseband? Why were ergonomic bridles invented? What are the intricate nerves and fragile bones being affected by this seemingly innocent piece of tack? Should nosebands be banned in competition? Find out in this exciting episode.

  • Defending Abuse Pt. 1 - jjlumberviking

    Defending Abuse Pt. 1 - jjlumberviking

    @JJlumberviking is apparently anti bit and anti spur. I breakdown one of his now deleted videos of him repeatedly hitting his horse with a crop. His video is ironically captioned “no bit. No spurs”. Is horses skin really thicker than humans? What is wrong? What are the facts? I explain this in this short episode.