The Eomma Talks (TET)

by The Eomma Talks

The Eomma Talks (TET) focuses on the spiritual side of modern living using the lessons & teachings found in the bible, listeners can discover foundational & powerful principles.

Podcast episodes

  • Love A Choice

    Love A Choice

    Is love a choice? How do we choose who to love? To understand this, one must explore the meaning of choice and how it applies to love.

  • Get Connected

    Get Connected

    We desire to get connected because God has made us so: it is in our DNA. We engage and search whole-heartedly believing our original connection with God is replaceable and commonly found. But we set ourselves up for disappointments when we bank on someone somewhere giving us a peaceful and satisfied life.

  • Prayer


    As a topic, prayer has received numerous attention over the centuries, as attested by the already countless literature on its purpose, design and power. Although prayers are personal in nature and customised to circumstance, nonetheless, the opening and closing of any petition must adhere to established protocols. One must have a grounded understanding of the impact and significant interplay between sacrifice and the altar of God.

  • Repaying Kindness

    Repaying Kindness

    We give and receive acts of kindness on a daily basis. Generally, we think that when someone does something good for us and we subsequently show this person appreciation or kindness that this means we have repaid or equalled or zeroed out the kind act. Can we repay kindness? Credit: Music from FMA, track "Scott Holmes Music - Awake"

  • Pursuit of Success

    Pursuit of Success

    In the search for security and happiness, man is preconditioned to pursue success. In this quest, some seek religious dogma and the purpose of life as a means to obtain success whilst others, alternatively, indulge self and pursue their own interests. Unless a person learns and understands that Man was not put together to experience life as an individual but as part of a community, this passage of self will be full of loneliness, fear, and anxiety.