Elen Sentier - Witch Ways are for You Podcast

by Elen Sentier

Old Witch-Ways + modern Psychology help you get the brain out of thinking, put passion in your feelings, trust your instincts & let your intuition inspire you.

Witch wisdom makes a huge difference to your business and your life.

Listen here for regular witchy tips, ideas and insights on how to navigate the 21st century 😎

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • What Elen does

    What Elen does

    A friend asked me, "Who are you? What do you do?" Well, indeed! I'm your solopreneur witch, thriving in the business world.I adore working with those who are fiercely independent. You're open-minded, heart-centric, and about making a difference. Disconnected from the old business methods, you seek a new way, embracing modern tools, yet longing for nature's connection.Want to break free from fear and stand out from the crowd? Let's team up! I can teach you the magic of being you.Get ready to shed your old skin, find your spirit team, and make your heart sing. Ready? Listen to my clients' transformative journeys.You can do it, too!

  • Badass Wisdom is about how we live Other People's Scripts

    Badass Wisdom is about how we live Other People's Scripts

    We all do it, at least some of the time but it really isn't a good idea.And that's because most often we do it unconsciously!There are times - I talk about them today - when I can be good, and fun, to take up someone else's idea. But it's never good to be doing things because somebody says that's the way to do it. And it's even worse when we don't realise we're doing that!As Oprah says ...🔸Don’t let other people write your script. 🔸You define your own life. And, by damn, she's right! Let's talk about that! And how the heck does Old Ways magic come into it? Old Ways magic helps you · Seamlessly create, and maintain, good boundaries · Stop needing to justify yourself · Know when apologies sound weak because they’re unnecessaryKeep Listening for more Badass Wisdom 🔮

  • Power-Full Woman this time is Lian Brook-Tyler

    Power-Full Woman this time is Lian Brook-Tyler

    Can magic & business really mix together?Absolutely!I'm chatting with the successful entrepreneur Lian Brook-Tyler on how to blend spirituality and magic into a savvy business strategy.Lian and I dive into how our menstrual can guide us closer to our purpose. And how the moon’s cycles can be just as useful and important for men.Running a business has its seasons, just like nature.How are you aligning your business rhythms with the Earth's? · Are you stuck in old patterns that don't serve your business anymore?· Why not compost what's not working and make space for new growth?· Tune in – learn how recycling what's no longer serving you makes room for fresh inspiration! Expanding your connection to nature and your own natural cycles will grow your passion and your profits. Contact Lian Brook-Tyler at …https://www.wakingthewild.com/https://www.instagram.com/lianbrooktyler/https://www.facebook.com/lian.brooktyler

  • Wild Inside with Elen Sentier & Robyn Harris

    Wild Inside with Elen Sentier & Robyn Harris

    Composting!What is it?Why is it important?Do I need it?Yes you do.We all do.And it's not just for the garden.It's an Inner thing as well as an outer.And it's really good for business as well as personal.It's been a pillar of the Old Ways since time out of mind.Robyn and I talk about how it works with the seasons and harvests tooIn fact, it's part of them.Want to know more?Catch me - DM me on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/elensentier/ Book your place on my FREE webinar - 23 Aug, 6pm BST, 7pm CET, 1pm ESTBooking link coming on Monday 👀Catch Robyn at https://www.equenergy.com/

  • What do you think about AI?

    What do you think about AI?

    Have you tried it?Do you like it? AI works.Are you asking it the Right Questions?Be precise in your prompts. When I was designing relational databases years ago, we had a fun acronym GIGO.It stands for Garbage in, Garbage out!No-brainer. Give AI a rubbish prompt you’ll get a rubbish result. Remember – AI can’t think and deduce like you can. It’s not reading your tone of voice. It can’t see your facial expressions nor your body language. And, so far, nobody’s worked out how to program in empathy, instincts, compassion, intuition, nor a whole load of other integral components for being a human being! So treat AI like the baby it is.It’s bung full of all the thoughts human beings have ever had since the year dot.But you have to lead it by the hand! Enjoy my podcast.I bring my magical witchy stuff in too – lots of similarities.And some that may make you blink!Never miss an episode! Subscribe!