Take a Walk in the Enchanted Forest

by Elen Sentier

Best-selling author and novelist, Elen Sentier, is a wilderness woman. Born on Dartmoor, she grew up on Exmoor, in a family who had practiced the Old Ways of British magic for many generations. Wild at heart, she’s a quirky, unconventional person with an intensely strong connection to nature, ecology and the environment. Elen lives in the middle of the Long Forest, in the wilds of the Stretton Hills in Shropshire, sharing he ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 3

  • Death - Helping someone Pass

    Death - Helping someone Pass

    SHOW NOTES Death is the thing we can none of us get away from, although modern PC encourages us not to think about it. We're also encouraged to treat death as the most awful thing, incredibly sad, that we should show lots of deep emotion. And - and the medical profession has strict instructyions on this - to keep people alive at pretty well all costs. I don't subscribe to any of this. In the Old Ways we know death is the other half of life, that you cannot have one without the other, that its part of the natural cycle I had an interesting happening with a colleague yesterday - and we talked about it ... Enjoy - and I'd love to hear your thoughts. Catch me @elensentier.com Sign up to https://elensentier.substack.com/ and Follow me on Facebook 🐈‍⬛

  • Breaking up is so hard to do

    Breaking up is so hard to do

    I'm in a business relationship that needs to change. It can be just as hard to do as a personal one! Have you been there? Are you there right now too? it's so darn easy to throw the baby out with the bath water! make a "clean break" - and that can be so wrong. It's hard and delicate work, changin, growing and evolving a realtionship. That's right where I am! And we're too often advised to make a clean break, it can feel so much easier to do that. And it is often much less work. But we really can lose out if we do. I'm talking about how I see all that in this podcast. Enjoy - and I'd love to hear your thoughts. Catch me @elensentier.com Sign up to https://elensentier.substack.com/ Follow me on Facebook 🐈‍⬛

  • Season 2

  • I'm a single malt whisky

    I'm a single malt whisky

    Yes - really! Most whiskeys are blended, from several different malts, Johnny Walker is supreme at this, but for me the very best whiskeys are the single malts. A single malt is a whiskey that is not blended. It comes from a single malt, the mash of a single growth of barley, brewed with the particular spring water of that distillery, and using its own yeast. I like the ones from the Isle of Islay best, especially Bruichladdich and Lafrohaig. So how am I a single malt? I come from my own family and heritage, I was brewed in that family tradition, I'm authentically me. That can be a bit challenging for some people, sometimes, but it's what and who I am. And we can all be like that. we can all be our own single malt, not a blend of what other people think we should be. And yes, that will challenge some people. Is that such a bad thing? I like particular sorts of music, books, food, furnishings, clothes, wine, places to live, all that stuff. I don't follow trends , though sometimes I find I'm actually fashionable LOL. How do you feel about all that? Are you - or would you like to be - a single malt too? Catch me @elensentier.com And subscribe to my Substack https://elensentier.substack.com/

  • Core Values & Living them

    Core Values & Living them

    Over the Standstill – solstice – just past, I talked about stuff that really matters to me. That’s what the three standstill days of Midwinter Solstice are about for me. I give, spend and make time for getting to really know myself. Yes, I hear you! I got to know myself years ago, you say, I don’t need to do it all over again. Sorry, friend, yes you do. You’re not the same person you were then. Heck, you’re not even the same person you were yesterday let alone back then. We all need to get to know ourselves regularly and the standstill at each Solstice is a great time to do that. On this third day I headed into core values. We all have them, they’re part of us, they’re actually what make us tick. So what are mine? What makes me tick. What makes me get up in the morning? Well I'm a long wooden spoon and I keep stirring cauldrons. I'm an agitator and a challenger. So, quite often people don't like what I say … but I've still got to say it anyway. And yes, even after all this time, even after all the three quarters of a century I've been alive, doing that can still be difficult. Which of us doesn't like to be loved? Which of us doesn't like to be approved of? I’d really love to know your thoughts. Catch me @elensentier.com And subscribe to my Substack, Follow the Deer Trods

  • Sun Return

    Sun Return

    Why Sun Return? Why Standstill? Is this woo woo? No it’s astronomy – not astrology but how the actual Sun – our home star – really works. Our ancestors knew this. Of course they did, they were hunter-gatherers, they lived by the Sun and the stars. We forgot that as we got “civilized”. It’s way time-and-a-half we started remembering. It makes a huge difference to our whole lives, our instincts, our physical bodies, our feelings and our mindsets. It even affects how and whether we can access our intuition. Our ancestors could do all that. We’ve forgotten. Let’s remember … I’d really love to know your thoughts. What gets you up in the morning? Catch me @elensentier.com And subscribe to my Substack, Follow the Deer Trods