Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • When water meets air, fire and earth 

    When water meets air, fire and earth 

    Owen Cumming explores how the natural element of water interacts with the elements of air, fire and earth in the context of Western Australia.

  • Just drink the ocean

    Just drink the ocean

    Crystal Ngo explores the state of drinkable water in Western Australia. Are we headed towards a water crisis?

  • Mmm, fresh sewage water

    Mmm, fresh sewage water

    Crystal Ngo investigates the pros and cons of drinking sewage water.

  • Can we fight the ocean?

    Can we fight the ocean?

    Zaya Altangerel investigates the issue of coastal erosion. Is it just a problem for those with beachside mansions?

  • Water'n'Plants


    Thomas Crow looks into Western Australia's past, present and future to understand how water affects Western Australia's unique flora.