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Helping Teachers Become Burned-IN instead of Burnt-OUT with teacher burnout coach Amber Harper

DissectEd by Michaela Keegan Jedele

Episode notes

Amber is a full-time Kindergarten teacher and Teacher Burnout Coach. After struggling with burnout for most of her teaching career, in 2016 Amber created Burned-In Teacher. Using her podcast, book, and online course and community, she coaches teachers through her 8 step BURNED-IN process to help them use burnout as an opportunity for growth so they can live a more fulfilled career and life.

Amber takes us through her journey as a teacher, which includes burning out to the point of quitting, and tells us how she got herself “burned-in” again.

I asked Amber how people who are on the verge of burnout or are experiencing burnout get out of living in burnout? She says it’s not easy but it’s worth it. Here are some of her recommendations. Listen to the episode for her 8-part process!

  • Gain clarity in why they do what they do

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