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by Ebun Felicity Hargrave

I'm a London based journalist, my name is Ebun Felicity Hargrave. I have a passion for communications, so I decided to create a podcast to host voices from all different walks of life. I will be talking about anything and everything from sex, politics, women's stories, current affairs, mental health, spirituality. Tune in every other Monday for a brand new episode! For more of my content check out:  ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Women Attracted to Serial Killers & Violent Criminals (Hybristophilia) - Dr David Holmes

    Women Attracted to Serial Killers & Violent Criminals (Hybristophilia) - Dr David Holmes

    I spoke to Dr David Holmes from the Crime and Investigation Networks documentary series, 'Born to Kill?' Dr David Holmes is a psychologist who has specialised in clinical and forensic psychology for a number of decades. He has graced the pages of many magazines and newspapers as he has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in many matters. I reached out to him after becoming interested in researching a trend where women on TikTok contact criminals in prisons in America, striking up relationships with these often violent offenders and travelling abroad to marry these men behind bars. I stumbled across the term Hybristophilia and it all began to make sense for me. I also wanted to understand why many women fan girl over serial killers like Ted Bundy and the Columbine School shooters to name a few. If you haven't already, please give my podcast a rating and subscribe on whatever platform you are streaming this episode from. Continue listening to find out more about why some women go out of their way to write too and fall in love with violent criminals who are behind bars.

  • Piers Cross - Boarding School Syndrome & British Politicians

    Piers Cross - Boarding School Syndrome & British Politicians

    This week I had the pleasure to speak with Piers Cross, a podcast host, an ex-boarder and a coach for those who are suffering from the impact of attending boarding school. During this episode, Piers helps to break down and explain the effects of British boarding schools on adolescents. We also discuss British politicians as an overwhelming amount were public school educated. Piers and I then spoke about whether this has had an impact on how the country has been run over the past decade, as it seems like many of our politicians are out of touch and lack empathy with those suffering from poverty in the UK due to things like the cost of living crisis.

  • An Iranian Revolution Led by Women - One Year on From Jina Mahsa Amini's Murder: Haleh

    An Iranian Revolution Led by Women - One Year on From Jina Mahsa Amini's Murder: Haleh

    This week I spoke to Haleh from United4Mahsa, an organisation that has been helping to raise voices in Iran during the ongoing revolution for nearly a year now. We have spoken before, and with the anniversary of the death of 22-year-old Jina Mahsa Amini taking place this week, I wanted an update on all that had taken place over the past 12 months. Following the uprising after the death of Mahsa Amini in September 2022 at the hands of Iran's morality police many men, women and children have been protesting in and out of Iran. Some burned their hijabs and cut their hair to protest against Iran's brutal regime and the morality police who have been enforcing it. In this podcast, Haleh gives an update on some of the ongoing protests in Iran, and talks to me about the continued activism that many from the Iranian diaspora have continued to participate in. We discuss the risks of violent retribution for those who have family members still living in Iran when their relatives abroad speak out. Haleh also shared important figures on those who have been arrested and discussed the violent poisonings of girls, and the reports of the brutality of the morality police who have even shot protestors' eyes out. The work of the Iranian diaspora across the globe has continued to fight for freedom, and this week more protests will take place as the anniversary of Jina Mahsa Amini's arrest and murder comes to pass.Stay tuned to hear these topics and so much more, as we even speak about the former British soldier Daniel Khalife who escaped from prison this month, shortly to be returned, and his ties to the Iranian Government and the accusations of espionage and breaking the Officials Secrets Act. Thank you for listening. Links - United4Mahsa - Website United4Mahsa - Instagram Haleh -Instagram

  • Igor Sychev - Russian Billionaire Claims Oligarchs Have Tried to Assassinate Him

    Igor Sychev - Russian Billionaire Claims Oligarchs Have Tried to Assassinate Him

    Hello and welcome to the Ebby Online podcast, this week's topic and guest is a little different. I was approached by a Russian billionaire called Igor Sychev who wanted to tell his story about the failed assassination attempts on his life due to his decision to speak out against corruption from Putin's oligarchs. In order to be legally safe I have chosen not to discuss his accusations against lawyers of taking bribes during this episode. The ongoing Russian onslaught in Ukraine has caused Western governments to sanction Russia's oligarchs that reside in various locations around the world. Igor is worth £8.3billion, he is a billionaire that owns one of the second largest mansions in Highgate London, with Buckingham Palace taking first place for being the biggest home in London. Igor has not returned to London and has been residing in Latvia after gaining political asylum status, he has claimed that other Russian oligarchs have issued failed assassination attempts on his life after he decided to take the owners of his old employer Phosagro to court After helping his former company out of a tax avoidance jam in Russia the company promised him a substantial bonus which amounted to one per cent of the company, and this was never paid to him so he started legal action.Throughout this podcast, we discuss the alleged assassination attempts on Igor's cars where he narrowly dodged death and an allegation of a poisoning attempt. I have contacted Phosagro and the National Crime Agency for comment on the claims made by Igor but I have not received a response, although I did find comments published by the Mail Online from the National Crime Agency on the allegations from Igor, The NCA has vehemently denied the accusations leveraged against them in a quote which reads: 'The Agency does not routinely confirm or deny the existence of investigations.'The managing partner for the law firm told MailOnline: 'We have been accused by our former client along with another reputable law firm and a number of High Court and Court of Appeal Judges of having been bribed.' 'There is not a shred of evidence to support his absurd allegations and we are currently involved in intended defamation proceedings against him and any publisher of his wicked lies.'In an application for security for costs he wished to avoid complying with Court practice and direction and turn the application into a trial.' 'That would have infuriated the Court.Instead of focusing on the core issues he decided that we were in the pay of Putin and has now commenced a campaign against us and the other firm without a shred of evidence.' 'Mr Sychev is paranoid and delusional. He will be restrained by the Courts. 'We intend to invoke the graver crime of malicious falsehood against Mr Sychev and against those who have published his malicious lies given that he is acting with hate and malice and without any evidence.' Thank you for listening and please don't forget to give my podcast a rating and a follow on whichever platform you are streaming from.

  • Challenging Fashion & Dyslexia: Jake Posner

    Challenging Fashion & Dyslexia: Jake Posner

    This week I was lucky enough to speak to Jake Posner, the owner, and creator of the clothing brand No One True Anything. Jake has been creating clothing that is formulated by dyslexia and championing sustainability.He is an ambassador for the British Dyslexia Association and has been vocal about challenging the education system in the UK to help those with neurodivergence, and dyslexia have equal alternative educational options and opportunities to thrive.Over the past few years, I noticed that a number of people living in the UK have been seeking assessments for neurodiverse disabilities. The topic was now up for discussion online and on the rise on TikTok. According to the Brain Charity, Dyslexia influences at least 1 in 10 people and is a genetic difference in an individual's ability to learn and process information.Over 6 million individuals in the UK have dyslexia and may not have received a diagnosis. Stay tuned to find out more. Thank you for listening I hope you enjoy it and please don't forget to give my podcast a rating and a follow.