Let's chat about training your dog for gluten detection | Welcome Kendra from @sukipwd!

Eat Gluten Free with Me by Lauren Murawski

Episode notes

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a gluten detection dog to help you along your Celiac journey? I know I sure have, and I know you have too, because I receive so many DMs asking me how to go about the training. Unfortunately, that is not my area of expertise, so I decided to bring on Kendra from @sukipwd as a guest!

Kendra is the creator behind the account @sukipwd on IG and TikTok. She has been working with a trainer since May 2020 to train her dog Suki to be a gluten detection doggie! Today, we're chatting about the truths of what it is actually like to train your dog for gluten detection. I hope you enjoy!

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XoXo Lauren

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