Aid under fire: The dilemmas facing humanitarian actors in strife-torn Myanmar

Ear to Asia by Asia Institute, The University of Melbourne

Episode notes

Myanmar is in the midst of a humanitarian crisis dating back to the military coup of February 2021, which toppled the elected government of Aung San Suu Kyi and triggered a massive popular uprising that has been met with a brutal junta-led crackdown on protesters and the civil disobedience movement. Thousands of civilians have been killed, thousands more detained and tortured, and severe restrictions have been imposed on internet access, media freedom, and civil liberties. All this on top of an existing situation in Myanmar in which millions of people were already suffering from poverty, conflict, displacement, and natural disasters. Aid efforts by international and local organisations have also been impeded by the junta, with aid workers facing increasing challenges and risks in accessing and assisting people in need. As international aid player ... 

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