Minding Xi’s business: How commercial enterprises navigate China’s political landscape

Ear to Asia by Asia Institute, The University of Melbourne

Episode notes

With the housing sector on the brink, high youth unemployment and slower than desired GDP growth, 2023 is shaping up to be an annus horribilis for China’s economy. Since many of its current economic woes are due to the lingering effects of its zero-COVID policy, it should come as no surprise that Western media are portraying this state of affairs as the consequence of overreach by Xi Jinping and the authoritarian Chinese Communist Party. However, the reality of the complex relationship between the CCP, commercial enterprise, and China's economic performance is far more nuanced. Asia political scientist Dr. Pradeep Taneja and China law specialist Associate Professor Colin Hawes join host Ali Moore in examining how the Party's internal dynamics and sometimes arbitrary decision-making both help and hinder China's vast business sector. An

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