What in the world is dyscalculia?

by Dr. Honora Wall, Ed.D.

Dyscalculia is the math learning disorder most people have never heard of. Which is hard to believe, because approximately 5 million K-12 students have dyscalculia-- just in the USA! Find out what this learning disorder means to you as a teacher, a parent, and as a student. Presented by EduCalc Learning, https://www.educalclearning.com/ and hosted by Dr. Honora Wall.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • Adaptive Testing

    Adaptive Testing

    What is adaptive testing? Is it reliable or valid? Is it a good tool for assessing math abilities? Dr. Wall has thoughts!

  • Elementary Math and Problem Solving

    Elementary Math and Problem Solving

    There's a big problem in elementary math, and its name is Algebra! Dr. Wall discusses why early math should focus on true problem solving, using appropriate topics and methods. Learn more at www.educalclearning.com.

  • Math Standards and Memorization

    Math Standards and Memorization

    Math standards and memorization... how do they affect students with dyscalculia? Dr. Wall analyzes the connection and talks about the myth of basic facts importance in this episode. Learn more and become a Certified Dyscalculia Specialist at www.educalclearning.com.

  • Are you prepared to help?

    Are you prepared to help?

    At least 8% of your students already have dyscalculia. The question is, are you prepared to help them?

  • The Strangest Accommodation

    The Strangest Accommodation

    Dr. Wall discusses the strangest dyscalculia accommodation yet! Learn which accommodations are best for students at different grade levels, and why they are both effective and necessary. Learn more at www.educalclearning.com or www.thedtri.org.