What in the world is dyscalculia?

by Dr. Honora Wall, Ed.D.

Dyscalculia is the math learning disorder most people have never heard of. Which is hard to believe, because approximately 5 million K-12 students have dyscalculia-- just in the USA! Find out what this learning disorder means to you as a teacher, a parent, and as a student. Presented by EduCalc Learning, https://www.educalclearning.com/ and hosted by Dr. Honora Wall.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • Anxiety and Dyscalculia

    Anxiety and Dyscalculia

    Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) can occur at the same time as dyscalculia, or it can be a stand-alone condition. Anxiety (less severe or chronic than GAD) can develop over years of living with dyscalculia and not getting the right help. Dr. Wall explores the intersection of GAD and dyscalculia in this episode. Learn more at educalclearning.com and join our Facebook group, Teacher's Dyscalculia Support Group!

  • Asking the Right Calculator Questions

    Asking the Right Calculator Questions

    If you're not getting the answers you need, ask better questions! In this episode, Dr. Wall talks about the best way to use a calculator in both lower and higher level math classes. Learn more or book your teacher training workshop at www.educalclearning.com.

  • Assessment Accommodations: No Mixed Topics!

    Assessment Accommodations: No Mixed Topics!

    Why is it important to separate topics on assessments? Too many topics overwhelm cognitive load, zap mental energy, and give teachers bad data about student mastery. Find out why and what do differently in this episode of What in the World is Dyscalculia. Learn more at www.educalclearning.com and email Dr. Wall at honora@educalclearning.com.

  • Text and Tone of Voice

    Text and Tone of Voice

    Dr. Wall messed up this week; she forgot that tone of voice doesn't come through when typing an online comment! In this episode, hear how she recovered from this slip up, and what other questions it led her to ask: Can parents be angry when asking for help for their child? What kind of real-world examples are most useful for parents who need to educate their school about dyscalculia?

  • 2023 School Year

    2023 School Year

    There's a lot to be excited about this school year! Listen to Dr. Wall's updates on the DTRI (www.thedtri.org), brand-new online math classes for people with dyscalculia (www.educalclearning.com), and a great, free screener developed by Touch Math (https://dysctest.com). Let's get excited!