S2 EP7: Sarah Eadie - On Courage & Confidence

Driving Ambition by @AdrianAmbition

Episode notes

When faced with challenges or obstacles, how often do you see them as opportunities? How do you cultivate the bravery within yourself to seize the moment? In the corporate world, how do you handle opposing opinions and perspectives?

In this episode, you will meet Sarah Eadie. Sarah is the Founder & Managing Director of The Creative Collective - a boutique Marketing Communications agency, solving client’s brand needs.

While having worked in challenging environments, overcome cancer as well as the overall fear of failure, Sarah implores us to drive to be and do better.

In our conversation, Sarah inspires us with the following:

  • How she cultivates bravery within herself

  • How to change your perspective to see obstacles as opportunities

  • Understanding opposing opinions through the lense of f ... 

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