S2 EP5: Ashley Battle - On Swerving & Being A Woman Of Color

Driving Ambition by @AdrianAmbition

Episode notes

In this episode, you will meet Ashley Battle and hear her swerve journey.After playing in the WNBA for six years starting in 2005, her playing career ended due to sciatic nerve pain in 2011. Through our conversation, Ashley will share her inspirational story and practical tips as to how you too can genuinely seek openness to new possibilities and re-ignite your passion. As someone whose core identity was her work (basketball) Ashley will talk about how she distanced herself from basketball, and how the tough love from her mother proved to be a compelling event towards her swerve.Last, but not least, Ashley shares her perspective on gender and race in corporate America and provides words of encouragement to allies around the world. Enjoy the episode, subscribe and leave a review on Apple, Google and Spotify podcasts. Follow us on Instagram and vis ... 

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