Assessing Writing - Documenting Students' Growth: Part 1

The Reading Instruction Show by Dr. Andy Johnson

Episode notes

Why do we assess? For what purpose? In terms of writing, I hope the answer is this: We assess so that we can help students become better writers. If not, we’re wasting our time. We assess to determine strengths to build upon and weaknesses to address. We assess to document growth. But ultimately, we assess to find out what we can do to help students become better writers.

However, too often assessment is used to “hold teachers accountable”. Ugh. Why is it that some groups continue this war against teachers and insist on the de-professionalization of education? Hold teachers accountable? We want intelligent, creative teachers to enter the field – but then we treat them like young, way-ward adolescents. We don’t trust them. We think we need to hold them accountable. We tell them what they must teach and  ... 

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