Dysresearchlia and the Science of Reading

The Reading Instruction Show by Dr. Andy Johnson

Episode notes

Dysresearchlia is an unwillingness to read or an inability to understand reading research. It impacts 3% to 5% of the population. Contrary to popular belief, it is not a brain disorder. That is, even though brain imaging research has shown there to be anomalies in the brains of dysresearchiliacs; … with a basic educational research course, these anomalies largely disappear. Also, scientists have proven that listening to Dr. Johnson’s podcasts helps mitigate the effects of dysresearchlia in 75.3% of cases. Further, researchers have shown that reading his books cures dysresearchlia in 98.7% of cases. And these are real researchers and scientists … the one’s who wear white lab coats and do commercials about toothpaste and bent carrots on TV. Not those fake ones who publish in academic journals.