Jessica Winter Tries to Understand Reading Workshop

The Reading Instruction Show by Dr. Andy Johnson

Episode notes
This podcast examines an article written in The New Yorker called, 'The Rise and Fall of Vibes-Based Literacy'. It was written by Jessica Winter. She's an editor at The New Yorker, where she also writes about family and education. She is also, a clown. A clown, in literacy terms, is a person who thinks they know much about literacy, when in fact, their knowledge base is very shallow and disjointed. What makes a clown a clown is their clownery. This is when they write or speak as if they know a lot about things with which they actually know very little. We laugh at clowns. I laugh at Jessica Winter. I also laugh at Emily Hanford because they’re clowns and they don’t realize that they’re clowns. They see themselves as great crusaders for the betterment of our “children’s” education. Ha, ha, ha. Very funny. This is the first in  ...   ...  Read more