It's Research-Based:

The Reading Instruction Show by Dr. Andy Johnson

Episode notes
Point #1: Teachers and administrators must become informed and responsible consumers of educational research. When somebody says, “research shows this” or “research proves that …” We must always ask, “What research? Give me a citation. Effective for what? At what level? For what purpose? How?” And then we must look at the research study. Point #2: State and federal legislators, those who want to impose mandates on teachers, telling them what and how to teach. Pull your heads out of your collective asses. Do what is right not what is politically expedient. If you’re not going to review the research related to reading instruction, at least call in those who have. Stop making educational decisions based on the testimony of radio journalists. Point #3: We want all students to achieve their full literacy potential. Science of Reading ideo ...   ...  Read more
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