Dragonheart Ascension Podcast

by Son’Yah

Welcome to the Dragonheart Ascension Podcast with Son'Yah. The Light Council meets monthly to mediate in the collective field for innovative quantum solutions, guidance to traverse the world changes, and insights into our Ascension with Mother Gaia. Below are podcasts to support your ascension challenges. To accelerate your Ascension, go to

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 3

  • Dissolving 3D Constructs & Timelines

    Dissolving 3D Constructs & Timelines

    The Council explored the Diamond of Christ Consciousness from an expanded perspective within the Diamond, how to dissolve 3D energetic constructs and timelines with the Christ Earth Codes, and the power of the imagination's limitless potential.

  • Journey with the Cosmos Christ

    Journey with the Cosmos Christ

    In our gathering, we explored: · The Ascension Action Plan that launched in May. · How the Ascension Prophesies affect the energetic construct of the cosmos through your expanded awareness. · The importance of who and what you are in evolutionary terms and how it impacts humanity. · A Quantum Journey with the Cosmos Christ. · How the awareness of the lies and deception promulgated against humanity can bring peace and joy. · A vision of how your root chakra acts as a conduit through your relationship with Mother Gaia for lunar, solar, and cosmic energies to activate the ascension grids in your body.

  • Season 2

  • Express Train to Mastery

    Express Train to Mastery

    The Council speaks on the power and ethics of being a Messenger; Being your authentic Self; Aligning with and honoring your Divine Intuition to guide you to your perfect destiny; Five beautiful poems that expound on the Council's collective experience: Grow, Self, Evolve, Speak, Now; Finally, a channeled message from Divine Mother Sophia.

  • A Quantum Journey with the Christ Dragon Codes

    A Quantum Journey with the Christ Dragon Codes

    The Council shares its focus and challenges with spiritual stewardship; Shambala Initiations on accessing your intuition beyond illusion; Their quantum journey embodying the Christ Dragon Codes; and Four beautiful poetic prayers sent for humanity: Rascal, Receive, Be, and Born.

  • Changing Timelines: The Mandela Effect

    Changing Timelines: The Mandela Effect

    The Council also brings powerful messages from the Chamber of Hope; A prophetic dream vision about the next level of mind control that is to be introduced on the planet. Lastly, four profound poetic verses: 1) I've Got More to Say; 2) Get Whole; 3) Activate Your Shield; and 4) This is What I Came Here For.