Down To Earth

by Danielle Miranda Leibu, Marie Neveu, Anne-Laure Rajaona, Chris van Der Merwe

Climate change tends to trigger strong emotions. There is a lot of noise surrounding the concept. It’s complex, abstract but the impact is very real and every single person on planet Earth is concerned. The story tends to be pretty gloomy but four keen Imperial College beans pursuing a master in Climate Change, Management and Finance decided to shift the narrative. Down to Earth is a podcast which aims at reuniting people on ou ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Ecotourism in Costa Rica: Episode 2

    Ecotourism in Costa Rica: Episode 2

    Get down to earth with us as we explore Marie's topic of choice (and paper!) on payment for environmental services and ecotourism in Costa Rica. Intersectional insights are sure to follow!

  • Touch Down (to Earth): Episode 1

    Touch Down (to Earth): Episode 1

    Hi everyone and welcome to our introduction! Climate change is a personal story to all of us. In this first episode, the four of us discuss our journey into sustainability, why is it important to each of us and what we envision for climate finance in the future! With our different perspectives and climate change experiences, we are excited to share with you the insights this podcast will bring! Music (Intro and Outro) credits to the talented Adrian Von Ziegler.