by Hannah and Angelos

Unlock the secrets of the genomics revolution with the "DNA&" podcast! Join Imperial College scientists Hannah & Angelos to explore the impact of DNA on personalised healthcare. Designed for non-experts and sponsored by the UK Genetics Society.

Music by Auburn Jam Music LTD www.auburnjam.co.uk artwork by Nikos Kabasele

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • DNA& Drugs (Pharmacogenomics)

    DNA& Drugs (Pharmacogenomics)

    Hannah and Angelos are joined by Dr Emma Magavern to discuss how DNA can impact our response to medicines, and how the latest science can be used to predict and prevent adverse drug reactions.

  • DNA& Newborn Babies

    DNA& Newborn Babies

    Hannah and Angelos discuss the UK's Newborn Genomes Programme with Dr Katrina Stone, a clinical geneticist working with Genomics England. Episode writing credits: Dr Hannah Maude and Angelos Manolias (Imperial College London), Kate Harvey and Dr Katrina Stone (Genomics England).

  • DNA& Your Health

    DNA& Your Health

    Introducing the very first episode of DNA&! Get to know your hosts and join the conversation about the genomic healthcare revolution. This episode will define DNA and the role it plays in our health, and will introduce "Genome UK" - a government policy strategy for building a genomic healthcare service.

  • DNA& Your Questions (Green Man Festival)


    DNA& Your Questions (Green Man Festival)


    Hannah and Angelos are joined by Mike Pointer, host of the The Heredity Journal podcast. Together they discuss your DNA questions, recorded at the UK Genetics Society's stand at the 2023 Green Man Festival.

  • DNA& Bugs


    DNA& Bugs


    BONUS episode DNA& Bugs produced in collaboration with Imperial College's Microbiome Network, featuring Professor Miriam Moffatt and PhD students Theo Lam and Leo Unruh. https://www.imperial.ac.uk/microbiome-network/ DNA& is supported by the UK Genetics Society https://genetics.org.uk/