Safety in Sight: A Conversation on AI Gun Detection Technology with Burgess Nichols from ZeroEyes

Back in Session: A DMGS Podcast by Duane Morris Government Strategies

Episode notes

In this episode of the "Back in Session" podcast, hosts Ryan Stevens and Ryan DeMara delve into the innovative world of AI technology applied in gun detection with Burgess Nichols from ZeroEyes. Starting with some light-hearted sports banter, the conversation transitions into a serious discussion on how AI can help mitigate mass shootings through advanced detection systems. The episode also covers ZeroEyes' efforts in working with legislators and communities to ensure a cooperative approach to security and emergency response, emphasizing the importance of education and transparency in technology deployment.

About ZeroEyes:

Founded in 2018 by a team of Navy SEALs and elite technologists following the Marjory Stoneman Douglas school active shooter incident, ZeroEyes was created to protect people from having to fa ... 

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