Fueling Change in the Garden State: a Discussion with the NJGCA

Back in Session: A DMGS Podcast by Duane Morris Government Strategies

Episode notes

This week, the Ryans sit down with special guest Eric Blomgren, Chief Administrative Officer and Director of Government Affairs for the New Jersey Gasoline-Convenience-Automotive Association. They discuss what it's like lobbying in New Jersey and what's in store for the NJGCA in 2024, including issues such as NJ's EV mandate (Advanced Clean Cars II), a potential ban on menthol cigarettes, and whether or not New Jersey will continue to ban self-service gas pumping. They also look to settle the longstanding Jersey debate: Taylor Ham vs Pork Roll.

About the NJGCA:

Founded in 1937, and boasting a proud tradition of excellence that stretches back over 75 years, NJGCA represents over 1,500 small business owners who serve the motoring public in the gasoline service station, convenience store, and automotive repair industries ... 

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