Meta AI's New Dataset Understands 122 Languages; Transformers as Support Vector Machines; Stability AI’s 1st Japanese Vision-Language Model; Are AI models doomed to always hallucinate?; OpenAI Enhances ChatGPT with Canva Plugin

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Episode notes

In today's episode, we'll cover Meta AI's Belebele dataset evaluating text models in multiple languages, Stability AI's Japanese vision-language model for visually impaired individuals, the connection between transformers and Support Vector Machines, the issue of hallucination in AI language models and its mitigation, the Canva integration in ChatGPT Plus for graphic creation, various AI-related announcements and developments, and lastly, a recommendation to get the book "AI Unraveled."

Meta AI recently made an exciting announcement about their new dataset called Belebele. This dataset is designed to understand 122 different languages, making it a significant advancement in the field of natural language understanding. Belebele is a multilin ... 

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