Top 4 AI models for stock analysis/valuation?; Google AI will replace your Doctor soon; Google DeepMind Advances Biomedical AI with ‘Med-PaLM M’; An Asian woman asked AI to improve her headshot and it turned her white; AI and Healthy Habit

AI Unraveled: Demystifying Frequently Asked Questions on Artificial Intelligence, Latest AI Trends. by Etienne Noumen

Episode notes

Top 4 AI models for stock analysis/valuation?

- - AI stock screening, portfolio management, risk management

- Danielfin - Rates stocks and ETFs with an easy-to-understand global AI Score

- JENOVA - AI stock valuation model that uses fundamental analysis to calculate intrinsic value

- - AI designed to find comparables for market analysis quickly and intelligently

Google AI will replace your Doctor soon: Google De ... 

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