La Porte County Haunted? Meet Ghost Cast: The Haunt - Local Ghost Hunters

Dion's Daily Dose by Dion Bergeron

Episode notes

Is La Porte County Haunted? Let's find out! Shifting away from politics and into interesting, we're joined by a local paranormal investigation team. Rob and Chey comprise Ghost Cast: The Haunt and they're joining us tonight for a look into what they do. Dion has had his own paranormal experiences, and has briefly covered them during his videos in the past, but here we have a dedicated team that looks into local hot spots and rumors of activity. A few of our team members have seen programs before such as the ones Rob mentions below, but there aren't many professionals in the area that we're aware of, so we were very excited to learn about this pair and their passion for a subject that we feel just doesn't get enough attention.

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