Dialogues with Creators

by Barbara Graham Tucker

Explores the work and lives of creators and creative people in the Northwest Georgia and Tennessee valley region. We feature guests in a variety of creative fields ranging anywhere from writers, comedians, actors, and more. Listen as we discuss the way creativity can surprise us.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 5

  • Ray Zimmerman

    Ray Zimmerman

    In this episode, we are joined by our first guest naturalist, Ray Zimmerman. "What is a naturalist?" you may ask. The short answer is "any person who studies the natural world" and Ray certainly does so through his beautiful poems and stories. Find more of Ray's work here: https://www.rayzimmermanauthor.com/

  • Ellie Jenkins & Eric Hanson

    Ellie Jenkins & Eric Hanson

    In this episode, we are joined by two world-class musicians who started a farm in the Northwest Georgia hills! Dr. Ellie Jenkins and Dr. Eric Hanson sit down with Barbara to discuss the why, how, and what of their farming experience and how it fits with their extensive musical and teaching careers. Dr. Jenkins mentioned a book on creativity. It can be found at https://a.co/d/bjXfjTi The website for their farm is https://www.hissingpossumfarm.com/

  • Rabbit Valley Farmer’s Market

    Rabbit Valley Farmer’s Market

    This episode is live on location! Join Dr. Barbara Tucker as she visits the Rabbit Valley Farmer’s Market, which operates May through early October on Saturday morning 9-1. It is a nonprofit not a business, but it supports local, small businesses and was formed in 2020 to revitalize the area following the effects of COVID-19. Support this podcast at https://gofund.me/3228baa4

  • Barbara Tucker Update

    Barbara Tucker Update

    In this episode, we catch up with Dr. Barbara Tucker as she shares details about her latest projects. She shares advice and thoughts on writing, teaching, and more.

  • David Cady

    David Cady

    In this episode, we are joined by author David Cady. We start with a discussion of his newest work, a novel based on the Nazi occupation of Latvia, a subject not well known. Then we discuss his early fiction and his historical book Religion of Fear.