DevOps Talk

by VMware & TeraSky

Welcome to Devops Talk - a podcast about DevOps and Multi-cloud world. Here we'll meet professionals and contributors from the open source community, and talk about challenges and changes, implementation and technological development, and especially the integration of daily processes, organizational culture and advanced management methods in the worlds of DevOps. This subject never stops developing and we are here to keep you  ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • DevOps Talk: developer's experience in Kubernetes

    DevOps Talk: developer's experience in Kubernetes

    In this episode we host Scott Rosenberg, Lead Architect & CTO Office at TeraSky. The world of Kubernetes is extensive, enabling, amazing and fast. As perfect as it sounds, it is not a complete solution - but a foundation from which to build and develop. To succeed, a 'raw' Kubernetes developer must invest in the understanding of infrastructure, operations, users, and security. Therefore, a lot of investment today is focused around the developers' experience: what their needs are, their challenges and most importantly - the solutions that enable them to by more productive.

  • Managing Kubernetes at scale in a multi-cloud environment

    Managing Kubernetes at scale in a multi-cloud environment

    Kubernetes by itself can be rather complex, but when you move to a multi-cloud environment this becomes an even bigger challenge. How do you manage, maintain availability and make sure that this 'wild west' realizes its business potential and at the same time, does not cause risks, dysfunctions and business continuity? In this episode, I hosted Yaniv Norman - a Senior Solution Engineer and specialist in container-based infrastructure at VMware Tanzu. Yaniv comes with exceptional knowledge about infrastructure, networking and Kubernetes, as well as a strong development background. Join us and hear about the challenges and solutions for managing Kubernetes in a multi-cloud environment.

  • DevOps Talk: Intro

    DevOps Talk: Intro

    In the first episode, we will host Shlomi Aviv, Country Manager of VMware Israel, and Ofir Abekasis, CEO of TeraSky. VMware is the world's leader in the worlds of Multi Cloud, Kubernetes and Cloud Native applications. From multi-cloud and application engineering platforms to comprehensive managed services and cost optimization, and much more, TeraSky helps companies achieve and future-proof their goals through technology. Founded in 2010, TeraSky has offices in Israel, USA, Central Europe, and the United Kingdom and maintains a reputation across the world as a professional services provider of the highest caliber. We have a lot to talk about. Let's start.