Ep. 12 - Tiffany Meyers, AVP, Chief Architect, Corporate Technologies @ Nationwide

DevOps Diversity Podcast by Conor Delanbanque

Episode notes

During this episode, Tiffany discusses being a role model and some of the pros and cons this carries. Promotions and career growth usually go hand in hand with being a role model to others, and sometimes navigating that responsibility takes time to learn. Integrity and authenticity go a long way - Tiffany talks about how leaders have to show up as their authentic selves now more than ever in the world of virtual work.

We discuss mentorship. Tiffany explains that “it’s not about the number of mentors you have, it’s where they show up in your life that I think is really critical.” Tiffany uses mentors now more as a senior leader than she did in the early stages of her career - demonstrating the importance of continuous learning.

Tiffany also talks about enterprise architecture, systematic complexity and the way time constraints can im ... 

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