Ep. 11 - Mathura Srinivasan, Head of Agile Delivery @ Snapcommerce

DevOps Diversity Podcast by Conor Delanbanque

Episode notes

During this episode, Madhu compares her experiences working in a large bank to the environment in her current role in a high growth startup. We compare the differences between Agile culture and Agile practices.

Madhu and I discuss some of the blockers to enterprise transformations and some useful ways to avoid these potential hurdles.

We talk about continuous improvement and building quality into our systems, as well as the importance of fast and regular customer feedback to build better products and services.

Mathura Srinivasan was born in Chennai, India educated in the UAE and moved to Canada in 1997. She holds a double Major in Psychology and Law, and graduated from Winnipeg Technical College with a certificate in Microcomputer Systems Technician course. This helped launch her IT career, where she is now the Head of Ag ... 

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