Ep. 10 - Sai Adivi, Vice President of Technology @ Inspire Brands

DevOps Diversity Podcast by Conor Delanbanque

Episode notes

During this episode we spoke with Sai Adivi, Vice President of Technology at Inspire Brands.

We discussed the digital transformation of the restaurant industry, which is modernizing everything from the kitchen to the customer experience and payment systems. We covered topics ranging from robotic process automation to platform and site reliability engineering.

Sai talks about the importance of culture, people and process and how these are still the drivers for any technology transformation.

Similar to most industries today, the war on talent is adding increasing pressure on pricing, strategy and growth. Sai shares some of the approaches he and Inspire Brands are taking to get ahead of the competition.

Sai Adivi is currently the Vice President of Technology at Inspire Brands, a multi-brand restaurant com ... 

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