Ep. 9 - Trina Hill, SVP of Technology @ Synchrony Bank

DevOps Diversity Podcast by Conor Delanbanque

Episode notes

During this episode, Trina explains how her own personal 'Board of Directors' give her the mentorship, sponsorship and accountability that she needs to continue growing in all areas of her life. They are a diverse group of people who want to help each other win and give direction, feedback and advice.

Trina occupies many seats as an Executive, a mother and a wife to name a few. She opens up about motherhood and leading her family during the pandemic and after the murder of George Floyd.

We discuss Trina's experiences being the first or the 'only' as an African-American woman with a graduate degree and an executive role in financial services. She talks about how she navigates the pressures presented to her outside of work through family who don’t often understand the burden and dynamics that she has to manage.

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