BEST Anime of 2022! (A.K.A. The Fruits Bracket)

Devilfruit: Choose Anime by Ethan, Jacob and Joe

Episode notes

Jacob, Ethan and Joe take a look back at the anime they experienced (and didn't experience) over the past year. listen through to see what anime made it through every round of Ethan's bracket, to be named, "The Best Anime of 2022"!

Spy x Family VS. Black Lagoon (3:20)

DBS Super Hero VS. One Piece Film Red (18:04)

Attack on Titan VS. Gundam 08th MS Team (22:31)

Ranking of Kings VS. Kennichi: The Mightiest Dicipel (28:32)

Chainsawman VS. All Out!! (38:11)

Aoashi VS. Cyberpunk Edgerunners (40:38)

Sk8 the infinity VS. Demon Slayer (51:31)

Blue Lock VS. Dr. Stone (53:50)

Round 2 comparisons (59:31)

Finals (1:22:20)

Pokemon tangent (1:33:58)

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