Demystifying Latin and Greek: Undead Languages for Living Brains

by Anne Phillips and Kirsten Jaqua

Dr. Kirsten Jaqua and PhD candidate Anne Phillips, share a passion for teaching Latin and Greek at all levels. This collaborative podcast aims to making learning and teaching ancient languages accessible and fun for all, whether you are a teacher, a parent or a casual learner. In this podcast we explore language-learning approaches and strategies, we review and discuss curricula and resources, and bring in our combined experien ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Fun Classroom Activities!

    Fun Classroom Activities!

    In this episode, we discuss a few fun activities that you can add to your classroom to spice it up. In this episode, we specifically focus on kindergarten to middle school Latin activities, such as games or memory games. We also touch on the notion of learning as a physical, embodied experience and why it can actually be helpful to incorporate physical activity into your students' learning experience. Questions? Email either of us! Anne is available at Kirsten is available at

  • Latin Immersion w/ Special Guests

    Latin Immersion w/ Special Guests

    In this episode, we continue our conversation with our guests from last week about their experience learning Latin immersively. At the end of the episode, we converse in Latin briefly.

  • Ecclesiastical Latin with Special Guests!

    Ecclesiastical Latin with Special Guests!

    In this episode, we discuss Ecclesiastical Latin as an accent and how it is used in the modern day with 3 graduates from Wyoming Catholic College, Hanna Messel, Margaret Johnson, and Rosemary Engels.

  • The Art and Practice of Translating Ancient Languages

    The Art and Practice of Translating Ancient Languages

    In this episode, we discuss some of the different aspects and challenges specific to translating languages like Latin and Greek. Feedback? Episodes you would like to see in the future? Email us! Kirsten can be found at: Anne can be found at:

  • Why Study Ancient Greek?

    Why Study Ancient Greek?

    Resources Listed: Ancient/Attic Greek Textbooks Athenaze Book 1: An Introduction to Ancient Greek: From Alpha to Omega: A Beginning Course in Classical Greek: Hansen and Quinn: Greek an Intensive Course (2nd Edition): Keller and Russell: Learn to Read Greek Part 1: New Testament/Koine Greek: S.M. Baugh: A New Testament Greek Primer: William (Bill) Mounce: Basics of Biblical Greek (4th Edition):