DeltaWolves: Episode IV - Age of Elysium

DeltaWolves - A Dystopian/Sci-Fi Audio Movie by Aeneas Middleton

Episode notes

Back at SOCOM headquarters, NASA Commander Jørgensen begins to analyze his newly captured Panthera Tigris in the operation room. Only to find out the artificial intelligent animal-machine, has a radiation defensive mechanism that puts his life in danger. During this process, Jørgensen finds out a secret about the Panthera Tigris. During the operation, the Panthera starts to get aggravated during the process. Later, the perimeter alarm goes off. A massive Elysium ship approached from afar, an enemy descending into the atmosphere towards their exact location. Something, or someone wants their Panther Tigris back immediately. Which prompts General Strycharz to make a quick announcement for all personnel's safety.

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