Perspectives of Black Men in Law School: Part 2

The DEI Podcast with Max Gaston by Max Gaston

Episode notes

This episode of the DEI Podcast is part-two of our discussion on perspectives of Black men in the legal profession with Notre Dame Law School 3Ls Joshua Mannery, Jakim Aaron, and Jamal Wilson.

Topics covered with timestamps:

2:43 – Culture add vs culture fit: discussing being yourself in the workplace versus trying to blend in with your peers and fit in with the law firm culture to find success.

12:02 – Exploring the importance of the mentee-mentor relationship for Black men in the legal profession and what it takes to be a good mentor.

17:14 – Discussing the distinction between mentorship and sponsorship and the fact that being Black does not automatically qualify you to be a mentor.

28:03 – Exploring whether Black men in Gen Z are the most ideologically progressive and culturally open-minded genera ... 

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