Mad Men Deconstructed

by Greg Hansen

Episode-by-episode analysis of AMC's critically-acclaimed television show Mad Men

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • S2E8 - A Night To Remember

    S2E8 - A Night To Remember

    A Night To Remember is Betty Draper's defining moment.YouTubeInstagramEmail UsMusic by Tyler Everett

  • S2E7 - The Gold Violin

    S2E7 - The Gold Violin

    The Gold Violin is Mad Men's introspection about materialism and the American Dream, portrayed through a light-hearted story about a painting, a friendship, and a Cadillac.YouTubeInstagramEmail UsMusic by Tyler Everett

  • S2E6 - Maidenform

    S2E6 - Maidenform

    In Maidenform, we ask ourselves "How do other people see me? And how do I see myself?"YouTubeInstagramEmail UsMusic by Tyler Everett

  • S2E5 - The New Girl

    S2E5 - The New Girl

    The New Girl is a deep investigation of Peggy Olson, early Feminism, and the lives of women in the early 1960s.YouTubeInstagramEmail UsMusic by Tyler Everett

  • S2E4 - Three Sundays

    S2E4 - Three Sundays

    Three Sundays is Mad Men's far-reaching treatment of resentment, innocence, and nostalgia that unfolds over 3 weeks in April 1962.YouTubeInstagramEmail UsMusic by Tyler Everett