by Beacon Center of Tennessee

Decaf is a weekly podcast by the Beacon Center of Tennessee where Mark and Taylor offer thoughts on what's going on in Tennessee and around the country.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Decaf: Episode 170

    Decaf: Episode 170

    Mark your calendar for Election Day and Beacon's live coverage! The White House gets fact-checked on Twitter. Alabama drops in the rankings, and Tennessee faces a challenge this weekend. And no, Twitter is not infringing on your free speech by asking you to pay for your blue check mark. Join Mark and Taylor on YouTube Live on November 8 for election results, analysis and more! Starting at 3:30 PM at

  • Decaf: Episode 169

    Decaf: Episode 169

    New report from Beacon shows that some college majors aren't worth the investment. Climate change activists get a lot of attention, but are their plans actually working? Mark has a hot take about Tennessee football this week. Celebrities have a lot to say about politics, but are people interested in their opinions?

  • Decaf: Episode 168

    Decaf: Episode 168

    Potential taxpayer funding for the new Titans stadium has Mark and Taylor heated. Scandal strikes the LA City Council. Tennessee takes down Alabama, and Blink-182 is back. As always, you don't want to get your weekly hot takes anywhere but on Decaf!

  • Decaf: Episode 167

    Decaf: Episode 167

    Nashville Metro Council continues to pander and uses our tax dollars to do it. Big names are leaving their political parties. MLB playoffs and college football might give Taylor a heart attack. Mark is a huge fan of a local business in Centerville.

  • Decaf: Episode 166

    Decaf: Episode 166

    Certificate of need laws are restricting access to healthcare in Tennessee. Gas prices continue to go up with no end in sight. It's baseball playoff season, the most wonderful time of the year (to Taylor and Jordan). The love lives of celebrities are making headlines. Get all of your hot takes of the week on Decaf!