Legal Frameworks and State Responsibility: Sigma Huda and Mickey Meji

Debunking "Sex Work": Conversations about prostitution by Associazione IROKO

Episode notes

Prostitution is about men doing things they want to women’s bodies, not women doing what they want to their bodies, women don’t choose to be in prostitution, it chooses them.” Mickey Meji

Sigma Huda is a senior lawyer of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh, appearing before the Appellate Division Bench for the last 49 years. Sigma has founded/ co-founded as many as 28 organisations; she is a former UN Special Rapporteur on Trafficking in persons especially women and children for the term 2004 to 2008; Former twice elected to Bangladesh Bar Council. In this episode she is in conversation with Mickey Meji, a feminist, abolitionist, and human rights and gender activist. She has significant professional and personal experience in issues surrounding the sex trade as well as the system of prostitution and i ... 

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