Trauma and Prostitution: Dr. Ingeborg Kraus and Rebecca Mott

Debunking "Sex Work": Conversations about prostitution by Associazione IROKO

Episode notes

Dr. Ingeborg Kraus is a German trauma-therapist, feminist and abolitionist, specialised in treating trauma in prostitution.

Rebecca Mott is an English poet, writer, activist and survivor of prostitution.

In this episode Doctor Ingeborg Kraus and poet Rebecca Mott explore the topic of trauma in prostitution. They speak about what it means to have post traumatic stress disorder, dissociation and communication issues for survivors and for prostituted women. And how trauma itself can be the root of vulnerability that leads women into prostitution.

If you want to support Rebecca Mott’s activism please visit her blog and consider donating at this link: https://rmott62.wordpress.com/

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