Day of Destiny with Dr. Michelle Corral

by Charisma Podcast Network

Personal, powerful, prophetic and relevant biblical teaching for your life. Expect your life to be dramatically directed into the highest dimension of destiny that God has ordained for you. Acquire the unique hebrew and hidden meanings of scripture within historical context. Join Dr. Michelle Corral who will incorporate 42 years of ministry experience from the charismatic and Pentecostal expressions of faith.

Podcast episodes

  • Mantled For The Miraculous

    Mantled For The Miraculous

    Have you ever wondered why Elijah's’ mantle fell on Elisha? The text teaches the anointing on Moses was imparted to the 70 elders. Join Doctor Corral as she unveils the profound destiny dynamics behind the transfer of the anointing through biblical insights and contemporary relevance. Explore the contagious component of the anointing. Experience the power and the transformative potential of operating under the mantle of authority and love. Delve into the essence of miraculous manifestations and discover how to walk in the supernatural gospel.

  • The Power of Pentecost

    The Power of Pentecost

    Are you thirsting to know the deeper depths of the anointing and the power of God? Today, Doctor Corral will unlock the power of Pentecost, revealed in the secrets of the wheat harvest. Throughout the Bible. The wheat harvest spiritually signifies the works, the power, and the miraculous manifestations of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Experience what the wheat harvest signifies in the lives of Gideon, Ruth, Samson, and many others throughout the Word of God.

  • Comeback After A Crisis

    Comeback After A Crisis

    Millions of people all over the world suffer various levels of grief, despair, and discouragement. However, the Lord tells us that a comeback is possible after a crisis. Join Dr. Carrol as she brings the powerful prophetic parallels of how we can be like Ruth. We can be like Naomi, we can come back after a crisis, and we can see that the God of Israel is a God who is a God of rewards.

  • Passover in Your Promised Land

    Passover in Your Promised Land

    Sometimes an experience can trigger a memory of our past and all of the pain that comes with it. This Passover, the Lord is inviting us to receive deliverance from our previous pain and unlock our destiny. What can we learn from the book of Exodus and the children of Israel about facing our fears and stepping into our promise land? Join Dr. Michelle Corral for this special Passover teaching on deliverance.

  • The Signature of God and the Solar Eclipse

    The Signature of God and the Solar Eclipse

    Are all solar eclipses signs from God? On today's podcast episode, join Dr. Michelle Corral for her special teaching on the signs of the end times. This teaching will give you answers, found in the Bible concerning the upcoming solar eclipses of 2024.