Day of Destiny with Dr. Michelle Corral

by Charisma Podcast Network

Personal, powerful, prophetic and relevant biblical teaching for your life. Expect your life to be dramatically directed into the highest dimension of destiny that God has ordained for you. Acquire the unique hebrew and hidden meanings of scripture within historical context. Join Dr. Michelle Corral who will incorporate 42 years of ministry experience from the charismatic and Pentecostal expressions of faith.

Podcast episodes

  • Jesus Heals: Deep Deliverance and Healing Service

    Jesus Heals: Deep Deliverance and Healing Service

    Jesus said to his disciples at the great commission in Mark 16 verse 17. "These signs shall follow them that believe in my name. they shall cast out devils, They shall speak with new tongues, they shall take up serpents, and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them, and they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover". The Lord Jesus that promised that in His name we would have dominion over all demonic power is working today as he did 2000 years ago because he is alive. Experience the power of the Holy Spirit, revealing who Jesus is as the baptizer in the Holy Spirit and the one who comes to heal all who are oppressed of the devil. Join us for "Jesus Heals, deep deliverance and healing service" . You will not want to miss this mountain moving event with the word of God and the demonstration of his power. Why remain under oppressive spirits any longer?

  • Lead us Not Into Temptation

    Lead us Not Into Temptation

    "In today's teaching, 'Lead Us Not Into Temptation,' Dr. Corral helps us understand what Jesus meant when He said, 'Simon, Satan hath desired you to sift you like wheat.' Does the Word teach us about stages of temptation? How does the believer arm themselves to guard against lusts and temptation? Find out in today's teaching."

  • Deliverance From The Deception of End Times

    Deliverance From The Deception of End Times

    Where is God 's Jeremiah ? False Prophets and End Times. How do false prophets operate ? Experience Deliverance From The Deception of End Times.

  • Rebuilding The Ruins of Revival

    Rebuilding The Ruins of Revival

    In today's teaching, Dr. Corral will share the supernatural secrets of rebuilding your ruins and rebuilding the ruins of revival from the book of Nehemiah. Did you know that the ancient gates of Jerusalem were burnt with fire and the wall that was broken down has spiritual significance today ? The book of Nehemiah is not a narrative of history, but a deeply prophetic book filled with profound prophetic principles that teach us how to come back from our crisis, rebuild our ruins, and most importantly, how to rebuild the ruins of revival today. Each one of the gates of Nehemiah's wall have spiritual significance. now, let's join Dr. Corral for this incredible teaching on rebuilding the ruins of revival.

  • Mantled For The Miraculous

    Mantled For The Miraculous

    Have you ever wondered why Elijah's’ mantle fell on Elisha? The text teaches the anointing on Moses was imparted to the 70 elders. Join Doctor Corral as she unveils the profound destiny dynamics behind the transfer of the anointing through biblical insights and contemporary relevance. Explore the contagious component of the anointing. Experience the power and the transformative potential of operating under the mantle of authority and love. Delve into the essence of miraculous manifestations and discover how to walk in the supernatural gospel.