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by Dave Wonders

Hey it's Dave Wonders!

Grab a cup of coffee and a comfy seat on the couch as we chat with musicians, authors, filmmakers, and community leaders about their passions.

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  • Season 1

  • Episode 1: Sam Anderson

    Episode 1: Sam Anderson

    Sam has been serving as the director of the Central Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge campus in Brainerd for 14 years and he's passionate about helping people break free from drug and alcohol addiction. After years of trying to launch a residential treatment program for women, there's finally a breakthrough! Sam and Dave chat about God's timing and ways that local folks can get involved in the project.

  • Episode 2: Mike Donehey

    Episode 2: Mike Donehey

    You may know Mike as the front man of Tenth Avenue North or from his more recent releases as a solo artist, but he's also the author of two books: God's Life For My Will and the brand new Grace In The Gray: A More Loving Way To Disagree. Mike and Dave chat about grace, forgiveness, and the voice we use to speak to ourselves and others.

  • Episode 3: Dustin Lolli

    Episode 3: Dustin Lolli

    Dustin Lolli became the new lead vocalist of Sanctus Real in 2016 which officially began the "Sanctus Real 2.0" era. In anticipation of the band bringing their "My God Is Still The Same Tour" to Brainerd for The Pulse's 20th birthday party show, Dustin and Dave chat about all kinds of things including the evolving sound of the band, homeschooling, Christmas music, late night Taco Bell orders, and Dustin's dream picks for "Fantasy Tour"

  • Episode 4: David Helling

    Episode 4: David Helling

    David Helling served a five-year-stint in the United States Marine Corps– a commitment which eventually took him to the sands of Al-Anbar Province in Iraq where he found Jesus. Since then, David has made it his life’s mission to bring Scripture’s Truth from the page to the screen. His Only Son is a cinematic exploration of the story of Abraham, as his faith is tested on his three-day journey to sacrifice his son. The film is a quiet exploration of the scripture, ultimately challenging the viewer to examine their own commitment to hearing and obeying God’s voice. David and Dave discuss Abraham's journey in Genesis 22, the difference between flannel graph figures and real people, and the state of faith based films.

  • Episode 5: Rob Jackson

    Episode 5: Rob Jackson

    Today is National Single Parents Day. In the United States, nearly 24 million children live in a single-parent family – that’s about 1 in every 3 kids. Rob Jackson is a licensed counselor who offers hope, encouragement and practical guidance to single parents and their children. Dave and Rob discuss helping your children thrive despite the circumstances, staying physically/mentally/spiritually healthy, and how the church can step up to help single parents.