Dark Void Disco

by Minnamari

The mission of this podcast is to provide a space for meeting with the void, and to consciously connect with aspects that are often pushed into the shadows of the subconscious.

This is a freely flowing podcast that consists of subjective reflections/ ramblings on subjects that I feel a need to express and create space for. The episodes range from the unpacking of memories and emotions to more general contemplations on  ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • 007 Addiction

    007 Addiction

    Contemplating addiction and the different things I've been addicted to: Coffee. Alcohol. Games. Love. Work.

  • 006 Failure

    006 Failure

    Failing to find any counterarguments to the notion that failure is a pathway to success.

  • 005 Force and Flow

    005 Force and Flow

    Elaborating on the connections between force and flow.

  • 004 Money

    004 Money

    Unpacking my contradicting thoughts and emotions around the concept of money, and trying to embrace the fearful creature inside of me.

  • 003 Alienation

    003 Alienation

    Bathtub contemplation on the theme of alienation and the space between the opposites. There is some background noise, so if that kind of thing annoys you, feel free to skip this episode. I decided to publish this anyway as a way to challenge my perfectionistic side.