Darknet Demystified - E003 - Bad Darknet Vendor OpSec Case Study: TrustedTraphouse

Darknet Demystified by Sam Bent

Episode notes

In today's podcast of Darknet Demystified, we will discuss the various Operational Security fails, and information security fails that a Darknet vendor and his two accomplices made, leading to their identification and arrest. Throughout the podcast, we will also discuss in depth various topics of why what they did was wrong and what they should have done instead. We will discuss topics such as Darknet vendors attempting to extort their clients and how that will always backfire on them. We will be talking about controlled deliveries, how they work, and how you can defeat them. in addition, we will also be discussing by having multiple identities as a Darknet vendor on the Darknet is completely useless if you mirror these accounts with the same information. We will also discuss how the feds Outsource much of the time their investigation to third-pa ... 

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