Darknet Demystified - E002 - Google Alerts, ChatGPT Malware, Feds get owned, BART cops get hacked and data sold on the darknet, my favorite story of cops

Darknet Demystified by Sam Bent

Episode notes

In this video, we dive deeply into information gathering and online security. We discuss configuring your information gathering using tools like Google Alerts, and RSS feeds. We explore the often overlooked issue of federal government trash OpSec and the consequences that can arise from poor online security practices.

We address the topic of ChatGPT writing malware and why it's not the end of the world, as some may believe. We then delve into the world of malware installation at the 10:52 mark and take a nostalgic look back at how it was done in the 90s.

We explore the SET Social Engineering Toolkit and how it can be used for good and evil. We also introduce the concept of "Jasager," a "yes man" type of malware, and its potential impact on online security.

We cover a real-life example of police getting owned and the subsequent s ... 

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