by Miss Abby B

Darklands is a podcast dedicated to Pacific Northwest true crime.

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  • The Forest Park Killer


    The Forest Park Killer


    On a drizzly, overcast day in Portland, Oregon, 1999, a couple walking their dog come upon a body in the dense undergrowth of a remote part of Forest Park. It would be the first of three bodies discarded by what was soon to be known as the Forest Park Killer. This is a case that moved quickly. The Forest Park Killer targeted a vulnerable community – street level sex workers that were also experiencing homelessness, substance abuse, and mental health issues. Law enforcement response was immediate and robust and a seemingly improbable connection made by a detective would be instrumental in identifying and capturing the killer. In the meantime, the city would take some commendable steps to protect its most vulnerable. And two months from the day of the discovery of the first body the case would be solved. Music: Highway 17, "Cockroach-headed Boy." Cover Art: Jeffrey Francoeur Sources: http://murderpedia.org/male.R/r/reed-todd-alan.htm The Oregonian, D.R. Anderson, M. Bernstein and R. Franzen. June 14, 1999. "Drugs put slaying victims out of their families' reach." Seattle Times. May 8, 2000. "Portraits differ on suspect in killings." The Oregonian. July 20, 1999. "Man held in serial killings." San Diego Source. C. Simmons. July 21, 1999. "DNA evidence links suspect to three Portland murders." Statesman Journal. August 8, 1999. "Police think man killed others." Shattered. Season 1, Episode 4, "The Wood." Original air date, September 13, 2017. Wikipedia. Forest Park (Portland, Oregon).